Hello And Welcome to our website! We are the makers of Cloudstaria™ and this website is just to give updates on Cloudstaria™  warnings and special offers!  


You can buy membership here for Cloudstaria™
or Buy Membership using Cloudings on the Cloudstaria™ website.

You Must Live in UK
You Must Know Us In real life
if you don't know us in real life or are not in UK please buy VIP membership with Cloudings if you just started you should get VIP free for a day.if you have been on Cloudstaria™ but wasn't aware of the "Free VIP" then feel free to message the admin on Cloudstaria™ DISCLAIMER: FREE VIP IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO UPDATES IN THE VIP SYSTEM,but if you already had the free VIP then you will have to do quests invite friends play games win competitions at "The Park" on the world map!
VIP 7 days 0.50p VIP Membership card
VIP 1 Month £1 VIP Membership card
VIP 3 Months £2.50 VIP Membership card
VIP 1 Year £3.50 VIP Membership card
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